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Transparent Zorb Ball, Aqua Zorbing

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  • MaterialPVC, TPU
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Western Union
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Product Detail Information

Specification of zorb ball:


Minimum Order

1 Piece/Pieces


1mm or 0.8mm PVC or1mm or 0.7mm TPU(the international standard TPU films which have high tensile strength,excellent abrasion resistance,outstanding flexibility,non-toxic and environmentally friendly.)


2.8m or 3.0m or 3.3m or customized size


Transparent or colorful or customized color

Using place

square, park, natatorium, tourist scene, super market and other public amusement places,


playing center,amusement park,water games,holiday events,swimming pool and seashore scenic spots


2 set harnesses, repair kit(some material and glue water), usage manual(free), blower(sold sparately) ,Storage bag


as long as water depth is more than 35cm.


Transparent Zorb Ball, Zorb Ball For Sale, Aqua Zorb, Fluorescence Zorb

Zorb Ball Products Explain: Zorb Ball is the sport of rolling down a hill or grassplot inside a giant inflatable ball. Its great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and Zorbing Ramp, We also can produce Zorb Balls for use on Water (Hydro Zorb).


Zorb Ball also named Inflatable grassplot ball, Inflatable roller ball, land ball, Inflatable human hamster ball, giant inflatable human hamster ball etc. Zorb Ball is very popular between children and adults for sporting and recreation. We can produce all kinds of the ball according to your requests.


Zorb Ball: New Design Soccer Zorb, Glow Zorb Shining Zorb


Standard Size: Sphere Inner/Sphere outer diameter: 1.9/2.6m, or 2/3m;
Packing: 0.90*0.80*0.70m;
Blower: The UL/CE certificated blower can be supplied;
Packing: Export Packing.


2 set harness included; 

Repair patch included;
Storage bag included;
User's manual included.


Various colors are available; 
Customers' logos accepted; 

Customers' designs are welcome!


specializes in manufacturing and developing of Zorb Ballwater ballGiga Ball, human hamster ball, Body zorbing, Nuclear Globe, bumper ballzorbing Ramp, inflatable show ballinflatable swimming poolInflatable roller ballwater rollerInflatable spheres (Sphereing). With 7 years experience of manufacturing inflatable products, now has high-tech devices and skilled workers. We provide high quality products with the lowest possible prices and efficient service. We provide wholesale zorb ball and retail zorb ball. OEM & ODM is Welcome.


Zorb, Zorb Ball Products Explain: Zorbing ballZorb is the sport of rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball, Zorb globe, Giant Inflatable Human Hamster Ball, It's great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and Zorbing Ramp, Zorbing Orbit. We also can provide you Zorb Balls for use on Water. (Aqua Zorb, Hydro Zorb, Glow ZorbShining Zorb).


Water Ball, water walking ball, Water walkerz, The water ball is for walking on water or Inflatable swimming pool, for floating on water, its a float tank, a dance ball , a display ball for placing products inside and for use in show business productions (Inflatable show ball), TV shows and for your own creative ideas. Human sphere water walking ball, Walk On Water, A giant inflatable globe so you can literally walk on water. 


We also list Payment information , if you have more special problem, Cooperate & Suggestions,  Send us email now Get a Quote (Price List for zorb ballaqua Zorb,hydro Zorb, soccer Zorbzorbing RampZorbing Orbit, water walking ballwater rollerInflatable swimming pool)


Zorb Ball, Zorbing Ramp, Water Ball, Water Walking Ball, Water Pool


We can do colourful, colour dot, colour Tube globe, colour entrance, colour string, with cushion, soccer ZORB, Ultraviolet (UV), luminescence Zorb, Glow Zorb, Shining Zorb, Also can print the LOGO or the NO. on the Welcome OEM & ODM. 



Usage Steps:

  1. Inflate your ZORB BALL with our attached air pump.
  2. Find the entrance , some have one entrance, some two entrances
  3. Take off all sharp things with you, including high heels, mobile, watch, etc, leave them out of ball or put them in the shoe bag and grocery bag.
  4. Fasten your seat belts, and check again to make sure the safety


  1. Persons have heart diseases, hypertension, or weak physique are not suitable to participate in this activity.
  2. Less than 10 years old kids and more than 55 years elders are not suitable to play in the ball.
  3. Don't bring any sharp things into the ball, so is high heels. And make sure no sharp things on rolling places.
  4. After fasten your seat belts, please check again to make sure you are firmly strapped.
  5. After the ball stops, please don't come out at once, just stay for two or three minutes there.

Maintain & Storage:

  1. Disinfect and clean the ball regularly.
  2. Check the ball before using. Any damage, please mend it with our repairing kit and glue.
  3. After use, please remove sundries outside and inside the ball.
  4. Before packing, make sure the ball is clean and dry.Then store it in cool and dry place.

How to Repair it?

  1. Find out exactly where the leak is. Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of soap and water and spray it liberally on the zorb along the seams. You will notice that the solution starts to bubble up where the leak is located, so take note of the position os the hole.
  2. Prepare the hole for patching. Dry the seam off, and make sure that it is completely deflated before attempting to patch the seam. If you have the patch kit that came with the zorb, you can use the prep solution to thoroughly clean the rubber before proceeding. Rubbing alcohol also works.
  3. Apply plumber's goop liberally to the seam and let it dry for about 15minutes. If possible, apply some goop to the inside of the seam as well, so that it spreads out and gives an extra layer of protection when the zorb pressurizes.
  4. Fill the zorb about halfway with air and wait another 30minutes or so to make sure that the goop has dried completely.
  5. Inflate the item completely and spray it again with the soap and water mixture to make sure that the hole is indeed fixed
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Transparent Zorb Ball_ Aqua Zorbing